Charlene Warren


Ryan Manna

Charlene Warren and Ryan Manna

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Our Story

They met inadvertently through a mutual friend, while both attending a yearly music and pro audio industry convention. They were never formally introduced, and believing Charlene lived in another state, Ryan never initiated conversation. By chance they saw each other again on another day of the convention. Charlene introduced herself and they both exchanged short pleasantries. She looked away to think of something to say and when she had turned back to Ryan, he was gone. That was pretty good reason to believe that he wasn't interested, and left it at that.

But he was interested. She didn't realize that a friend of his had caught his eye and had left to greet him. Still thinking she lived out of state, he never went back to talk to her. Ryan would later find out that Charlene lived in California. He found her on social media, they set up their first date, and the rest we shall say, is history.

Seven years later, Ryan proposed in their living room on Christmas morning 2017.
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